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Laurs is a firm believer, that whilst meal plans are great, short term – they set you up for failure.  The minute you stop following a meal plan, the weight will likely go back on! 


Online Education

However, Laurs prefers working on the physical and mental side of health, and honestly whilst nutrition is a key part of life she worried that spending any free time educating herself so she would be in a position of authority with regards to nutrition, would mean that the ladies within the Paramount Fitness IoM family would miss out on vital information regarding the physical and mental side.

Laurs and Shane met through social media and began talking. Laurs quickly realised that Shane has a major passion for Nutrition and is a legend within the field. After speaking with both Shane & Arron (another key member of Quantum Nutrition) Laurs realised they share the same values as her. EDUCATING people on nutrition sets them up for LIFE. 

BOOM – a relationship was established between Paramount Fitness IoM and Quantum Nutrition.


So what exactly do Quantum Nutrition do?

Their main goal is to EDUCATE as many people across the world as possible on LIFELONG nutrition.


Laurs, Personal Trainer Beauties get access to a Masterclass in Nutrition. Here they receive 26 fully educational nutrition modules ready to plug in and play.

In these videos the ladies learn in super simple terms how to implement nutrition for life in and around their daily lives, from the Psychology of Behaviour Change delivered by Gary Mendoza, to Meal Planning Made Easy and many more topics.

The modules are broken down into short bitesize videos, so you don’t overload your brain with too much information at once.

As well the Masterclass in Nutrition, the ladies also get daily nutritional advice.  They create 5 educational video presentations, 10 written posts, and also 15 infographics every month that is uploaded to our private Facebook Group. 


This gives those within the Paramount Fitness IoM Family access to the latest and best advice from experts 365 days a year!

So, like the celebrities do, you have access to your own Personal Trainer and a TEAM of Nutritionists and Dieticians! Bragging rights there!


About Shane

Shane is a graduate of the International Olympic Committee.

He has a Master’s Degree in Sport and exercise science specialising in weight management.  He’s currently a doctoral researcher, completing his PhD within the area of nutrition and weight loss!

He has experience working with grassroots athletes, right up to international standard athletes in

many areas, from boxing, to marathon runners, to the British Climbing team


Over the years Shane has been invited to speak at Colleges, Universities, corporate events and

fitness and nutrition shows like BodyPower.


He’s completed 2x marathons (never again in his words! haha), loves rock climbing, and Looooooooves pizza (no pineapple though). Pizza = life!

When it comes to nutrition Shane’s ethos is very much around long term benefits for clients. Of

course he can help you achieve fantastic weight loss and body composition results in the coming

weeks and months via nutrition…But Shane’s mission is very much to help every one he works with become empowered for LIFE with their nutrition, not just for months alone.