4 Pillars of Health - Mini action plan

Last week my blog was about jumping off the health/fitness/weight loss/etc. rollercoaster and finding a plan that works for YOU and your life!

Doesn’t it just feel good when you get into a groove that you can actually stick with? (If you haven’t yet, hang with me, I’ve got a helpful tip for you below.)

It’s a little mindset/organizing hack!

It’s something to think about when you get side tracked, overwhelmed, or aren’t sure what to do next.

It’s to always circle back to the 4 simple pillars of wellness – and to do what works for YOU for each of them.

Your 4 Pillars of Fitness & Wellness:

  1. Healthy nutrition

  2. Regular exercise

  3. Sleep

  4. Relaxation (including mindset work) & Rest

When you make time for these 4 pillars and are INTENTIONAL and CONSISTENT with them, you feel SO MUCH BETTER.

You have more energy, your mood is better, and you’ll probably have fewer aches & pains. Things just feel easier.

Which can make it even more doable for you to stick with your healthy habits.

I know that when I don’t pay attention to my 4 pillars, I can’t wait to get back to them because it makes such a big difference in how I feel and function.

Want an action plan to help you stick with your own pillars?

Here’s a little assignment: come up with 2-3 core actions for each of YOUR pillars, that always help you feel great. Write them down so you always have a plan in case you find yourself a little off track.

At Paramount Fitness IoM, we believe your wellness is more than just your fitness routine, a healthy body is a happy body, it’s all connected!

If you need help creating a fitness/health/weight loss/etc. plan that fits your lifestyle – one that you can actually stick with…

Check out our Mind & Body Confidence Transformation.

Have questions? Drop me a message and I will call you back

Make it an amazing day,


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